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Psychology  Practitioner

Dr. Johan Cloete

BA Hons Psych (UF)
MTh, DTh  (Ph.D) UNISA

Suite 105A, Mulbarton
Privated Hospital, Mulbarton.

Call 073 4584079  Mo.-Fr.  08h00 - 16h30

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Everybody gets stuck somehow, sometime. When it happens, you may need somebody to collaborate with you to take a step in a more preferred direction. This is how I might be of assistance to help you to renegotiate…

Collaborating with me in counselling sessions may empower you to…

My role as a registered psychology counsellor is to create an environment that will make it safe for you to work with any preferred areas of your life.

To facilitate the process I will…

It is therefore very helpful to join hands with a professional counsellor - especially if his/her preferred way of working is to assist you how to help yourself. In meeting with your counsellor the two of you will agree upon the areas to work on, as well as on the outcomes you would like to achieve. It is in the process of working together (called individual counselling) that you will be able to unpack the issue at hand, gain perspective, acquire skills and find solutions.

What then can you expect from individual counselling?

Well, you can expect:

Individual counselling will therefore help you …

In the end individual counselling is a process of joining resources with a professional counsellor in order to get your life under control and to steer it towards a better future.

One on one with your
psychology professional