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Psychology  Practitioner

Dr. Johan Cloete

BA Hons Psych (UF)
MTh, DTh  (Ph.D) UNISA

Suite 105A, Mulbarton
Privated Hospital, Mulbarton.

Call 073 4584079  Mo.-Fr.  08h00 - 16h30

I am a registered Psychometrist (Independent Practice) with the HPCSA and do Psychology assessments for various purposes in Dr. Cloete’s practice.

One of the most popular uses for Psychology assessments, is for the purposes of career guidance.

Choosing a career is one of the most significant choices an individual will make in his or her life.  It is therefore important for an individual to do as much research in this regard as is possible.  One should investigate potential careers and its future opportunities, learning institutions offering studies in the relevant fields of interests and occupations, as well as available resources to afford the studies towards such a career.

An important step in this process is to make correct subject choices whilst still a Learner, as this would open or close off certain fields of study.

For both career and subject choices, it is paramount for an individual to undertake a study of him or herself, as you would “study” or investigate career and subject choices.

I offer assessments of personality, interests, and aptitude, (typically) which provides valuable information about the individual’s profile. Using academic results, assessment results and personal consultation with an individual, a profile is generated to assist in deciding which subject/career choices are potentially the best under the circumstances at play. This is a process of connecting the dots to reveal the full picture.

Upon a request for such assessments, an initial telephonic discussion is held to discuss needs and other relevant matters. Assessments are done online, and a feedback session is then scheduled via one of the online meeting platforms (e.g., Teams/Zoom), where the report is shared, discussed and recommendations made.

Between 7 November 2022 and 31 January 2023, I offer a special package to assess personality, interests and aptitude and do the follow-up consultation for R2000 per individual.  During this time, learners, students, or individuals in need of such consultation, may have more free time to take the assessments and some time to consider the outcomes, before making impactful decisions for the next academic year.

Please contact me directly to discuss or send a whatsapp to the number below.

Karen Smithies       

Psychometrist (Independent Practice)


PMT 0033375            

Cell :  083 222 1254

Email :

Career guidance & Psychology Assessments

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